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My tasks keep disappearing

(The Debt Quota)

The first thing you’ll notice when you run your first project is that as soon as first worker completes your first task - you will get an invoice for 1 cent and your tasks will temporarily disappear from workers screen until your first invoice is paid. You pay the invoice, the second task is done, the task disappears…

Annoying isn’t it?

Well, there is a reason for that. The reason is that Taskopus never handles any money at all except for our commission (which is 10%). So, if users complete some tasks for your before you pay - you might leave and never return.

That's why we have this "reputation system" in place that we call "The Debt Quota".

When you start - your debt quota is essentially zero. You must pay each invoice no matter how small (and your maximum price per task is only 1 cent).

As you keep paying your invoices - the debt quota will grow.

For example when you have spent $1 with us - you’ll be allowed to have up to 5 cents unpaid invoices. And you maximum task price will grow. So when you will have spent a fre dollars with us - your tasks should be running uninterrupted.

At $10 total spent you should get an invoice for each $0.25 you spend and your tasks will disappear temporarily only at 2 unpaid invoices.

You can also enable automatic payments for your invoices to make that process more smooth.

If you spend a lot of money with us - we have a server-side script you can run so that your tasks run even when your Taskopus client is off and unable to pay. Email Simon for details.