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Simple Project

("What are the most useful phrases")

A project in Taskopus is a collection of tasks to be given to users.

There are two types of projects you can run: regular and table-based.

Regular project

A regular project means that you give the same task to multiple users. They all get the same instructions and do the same thing. This has its uses as I'll show you in a minute.

Table-based project

Table based projects have table-like data source, so that each task is unique. You can upload a list of pages, for example, and ask workers to visit each of those, so that every worker gets a unique task.


As an example let's create a simple regular project first.

Let's say I have a website where I teach english as a foreign language. I want to know what are the most useful phrases in English. I could think of 2, 3, maybe 5 most useful phrases, like "Hello", "How do you do?", but then I'm stuck and need some creative help.

Let's ask our workers what they think.

In the end I want to get a list of phrases like:

  • How are you?
  • Thank you
  • Good morning!
  • Hello
  • Excuse Me
  • I'm sorry
  • ...

On the first run I've actually got 176 unique phrases with a total of 550 words in an hour and the cost was about 3$. So that's less than 6$ per thousand words. You can probably do that for 2-3 times less money.

I will skip downloading and installing Taskopus - that's an easy and obvious process.

Then you need to sign up and deposit some Bitcoin Cash.

I'll mostly skip all that, so that you get some idea how Taskopus works without getting too boring.

Go to "Projects", "Create a new project".

Let's fill in the form.

The Title doesn't have to be very creative. It's just something that announces what would you like workers to do. I'll just type "5 phrases".

The Description is something that gives worker a slightly more detailed idea about the task. Though it's not a place to put your detailed instructions if it is very long.

Let's put this into the description field:

"What would be five phrases that you absolutely need in daily life? Like "Hello!", "How are you doing?", what else?"

In this case the task is simple enough that I don't need detailed instructions. If I needed that I could add an "Information" field and write details with links.

The Price for the task - we could start with 1 cent and see how it goes from there.

I will put "Automatically Accept and pay" since I want to have a lot of answers and I don't want to approve each 1 cent spent.

The workers don't know which tasks are approved automatically, so it's a nice way to get lots of answers without approving each single one.

Now we need 5 fields to get answers from workers: "Phrase 1", which is Text entry and it is required.

Copy. "Phrase 2". Copy. Repeat a few times.

Total limit I'll type in "100", so that I get back about 100 answers. That would mean 1 cent times 100 answers = $1 spent.

I'll put "1" into "Limit per each user" so that one user can do the task only once.

We don't need the rest of the things in the form, so let's start.

Since we want to allow Taskopus to pay for this task for us, we will allow automatic payments (you can uncheck it in Invoices tab).

The project is running and workers are starting to respond.

I can see that some users answered my question. Let's see the answers.

The first invoices start to come in and Taskopus pays them automatically.

Eventually you will see this.

This is the debt quota in action. We'll clarify it in another tutorial. The main thing to understand is that you must pay your invoices and that if you pay your invoices in time - eventually we'll have more trust in you and allow you to have some unpaid invoices before your tasks are stopped.

The invoice was paid, so the tasks are running again.

... Ok, so here we are a few hours later.

When Taskopus gets more users that would be a few minutes later, but for now it took a few hours.

I can download the answers and with a little bit of Excel work I can have my final list.

The list is too long, currently I have 235 answers. I'd say that's $3 well spent.