Bitcoin Cash-powered crowdsourcing marketplace

Taskopus has just launched. We've worked hard to finish the client, so the site is still lacking some polish. We will be adding more and more information, tutorials and screencasts in the near future. In the meantime you can download Taskopus, give workers tasks (or complete them and earn Bitcoin Cash) and read the documentation, which is mostly useful for Buyers (those who want to give out tasks to workers).

What is Taskopus?

To put it simply - you can either give tasks to other people that they can complete and pay them in Bitcoin Cash or you can do the tasks and earn Bitcoin Cash .

What kind of tasks? Almost any task that doesn't require you to personally meet or personally communicate with the worker. If you can write the instructions on how to do the task - our workers are ready 24/7 to complete your task as soon as possible.

Tutorials for Buyers

Very basic table-based tutorial without the use of worker selection, batching or targeting.

Advanced: Custom tasks on your site, JavaScript validation, manual payments

Note: the way shown in the video requires you to have a programmer. The easiest way to do it otherwise would be to just require the users to upload the screenshot of the completed task and manual approval.

  1. Simple Project ("What are the most useful phrases")
  2. Table-based projects and manual approvals ("Detect cities")
  3. Batching
  4. Multi-stage projects ("Extracting keywords from texts")
  5. My tasks keep disappearing (The Debt Quota)
  6. Profile labels
  7. I don’t have Bitcoin Cash! Try Taskopus Projects for free!
  8. Soon: tutorials on our API, Web Hooks, JavaScript validation.